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Closure of the club membership system hosted on this website
posted by paul
on Tue 29 Mar 18:10

The online membership application and renewal system hosted on this website...

Latest reply by axis
on Mon 18 Apr 11:49

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Committee Changes
posted by paul
on Sun 27 Mar 21:27

Last weekend after many years of service Paul Wilkinson and I decided to...

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Nant-y-Moel gate
posted by paul
on Tue 15 Mar 11:59

Unfortunately the lock on the gate to the Nant-y-Moel track appears to have been...

Latest reply by paul
on Wed 16 Mar 19:55

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posted by paul
on Wed 16 Mar 11:42

The field normally used for parking cars at Pandy is closed until further notice for...

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Bache Hill (Long Mynd Soaring Club) flying site is closed
posted by paul
on Tue 8 Mar 23:51

The Long Mynd Soaring Club have just advised us that their Bache Hill flying site is now...

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Welcome to the Pat Dower XC Clinic
posted by paul
on Tue 23 Feb 15:52

James Price is arranging for a Pat Dower XC Clinic to be held at JSPGC (Joint Services...

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Welcome to the members area of our web site.
This area is primarily aimed at members of the SE Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.

The latest issue of Dragonfly, the Club‘s full colour electronic magazine, can always be found on the Dragonfly page. But you don‘t have to keep checking back for new issues. If you subscribe to Cymfly, the Club‘s email list, we‘ll always let you know when a new edition of Dragonfly has been published and uploaded to this web site.

To subscribe to Cymfly, please tick "subscribe to Cymfly" on your membership renewal form.

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Please use our forums to keep in touch with any club activities planned. You don‘t need to register to view our forums, but registration is required if you wish to post a message. Please use the following link to become a registered forum user.

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The club' annual membership renewal fee of £22 must now be paid by direct debit. To setup a direct debit in favour of the club, please visit the following website:

The Blorenge

The Blorenge - please click for a hi def pdf version (warning 3.95mb)
On the 18th December 1998 the SE Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club purchased a large portion of the Blorenge from the Coal Authority, and became the first UK hang gliding and paragliding club to own a hill launch site.

If you would like to know more about how this came about, please visit the Purchase of the Blorenge page on this website.

The map on the left indicates the extent of the land owned by the club. The boundaries are shown in red, and enclose around 973 acres of the UK's most southerly grouse moor.

If you'd like to view a high definition pdf version of this map, please click on the map. Please be aware this is a 3.95mb download.
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